Emin, founder / chief Green and Healthy Living Officer

"All we got is what we love."
"С нами то, что мы любим."
As long as I remember myself I always was passionate about art. I fell in love with photography at some certain time. Photography is about capturing the moment which you will remember forever. But sometimes our mind plays games with us and you can forget the moment and experience, but once you pop up on the photo taken even 10 years ago, memories are so bright again. As a momentum catcher, I was travelling quite a lot and in every country, I visited I met amazing people and heard beautiful stories. When you hear a story about different countries, experiences, travels, traditions and cultures, this is what motivates me to travel more. That is how idea of Zion started, as a space for both locals and traveler to share their experiences and advices.

I remember the first time the idea of hostel glimpsed into my mind. I was in Istanbul in a forest on an island, surrounded by nature and I felt absolute harmony. Do you know this feeling when you understand that all you were doing in your life was leading to this point? The simple idea caught my mind. I thought that none of the hostels I ever stayed in met my expectations. And here, in the forest, surrounded by centuries old trees the only thing missing was a bed. Idea was born. It took some time, efforts and motivation to make it happen. Here, in Zion, we cherish nature and adventurous minds. It is a combination of green space and a place to communicate, share experiences and celebrate mother Earth. Find me in Zion and I will share my stories with you.
MaKo, co-founder / chief Steel Art and Stories Officer
"Bona Fide and Temet Nosce."
How a former Oil & Gas employee came to an idea of eco hostel? Everything is always simple. My story begins when I was in a high school. I dropped school in a last year and went to serve in an army. When I came back from army, I had an opportunity to start my career in Oil & Gas. I was not fond of industry, but full coverage insurance and decent salary made a choice for me. When you are, a school drop out in Azerbaijan, with no higher education and just finished service in army, the choice is pretty much made for you. However, I don't regret those years in Oil & Gas. I tried to escape thoughts of the damage that the industry does to the nature by diving into the art. I was fascinated by the beauty of metal construction and rigs. Ever since I kid I was interested in machinery, and growing up I liked spend time with my motorcycle, cleaning and fixing it. I believe that the metal is a natural resource as plants, trees, rivers, mountains and seas.

One day I was home and was dying to smoke a cigarette, however I had no lighter. As I never run from challenges I made a lighter from home materials, and I loved it. This is how my metal craftsmanship started. Ever since, I made and sold hundreds of lighters and never stopped working with metal. One day I met Emin and we matched win our ideas, life perception and mindsets. We both loved to travel, meet new people and share experiences. With every minute of talking the idea was becoming more and more feasible. A green place for travelers around the world, where they can share their stories, find a local advice and celebrate nature. We decided do dive into ZION adventure, though many people were saying that it will not work out. Eco conscious hostel in a city with no trees? Well, come to ZION and you will see that there is no such thing as impossible, when you have passion and a good friend.

Medina, marketing / Lighthouse of ZION

"Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bllsht in order to be comfortable?"
Throughout my conscious life, I felt an irresistible craving for freedom and adventure. The fact of always unconsciously looking for action and the opportunity to experience a new range of emotions in any situation enabled me to understand what I want to do and what to devote my life to. How did I understand that I do not want to be a typical tourist? This happened on a regular trip to Greece, when I first visited Athens and realized that I was overwhelmed by the emotions of the way I was traveling. Long trips on trains with strange songs, eerie station's snack bars, small cozy hostels with wonderful people from all over the world, spontaneous walks and a huge number of kilometers walking by foot took me more and more. From each new step in atypical, even gloomy places (especially from these ones), I scooped up more and more inspiration and set a new level in more unpredictable travel.

Once, after visiting one of the hostels of Prague, I came to the idea that I also want to create a corner for the travelers looking for affordable housing with a cozy atmosphere and good contingent. Imagine how lucky I was to become a part of ZION team! We are glad to each of you and waiting for you in our cozy place to sit in the warm evening, for interesting stories about the strangest travels and events from our life experience, to plan for new meetings and drink delicious local wine.
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