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During a short period of time spent in here, birdwatchers from Belarus, Andrei and Nikita have
visited not only all the most colorful places of Baku and its environs, but also the majority of the regions
and shared with us the secrets of their hobby, and also opened new beautiful parts of our lovely country.
Jam Session and Conversation with
We caught him during his break of the concert on ZION's rooftop
to chat about music, future plans and his trip to Azerbaijan.
Ahmedowsky Trio
An Azerbaijani musician band which created amazing evening
for our guest and short story about how it was happening
Rooftop Vibes IN ZION Hostel
Official pre-party of Sintetik Club "Time Doesn't Exist" event!
Enjoy the photos of an unforgettable event taken by our dear guests
you should visit a place called Gobustan, located 80 km far from Baku,
which is famous not only because of beauty but also because of its ancient history.
From China to
South Africa on bicycle!
After all, good people lives everywhere and the road will always lead you to them!
That's how the road bring Zhang Zhid, a cyclist and volunteer from Guangdong, China to our hostel.
Windy day on Zion's roof
On one of the most windy days of Baku we had photo shooting of talented
photographer Anastasiya Lobanovskaya with wonder women on ZION Hostel Roof
As 2017 was coming to an end, two graffiti writers from London stayed in Zion Hostel. In just a couple of days they managed to make a couple of writings on walls and participate in Arts Council Azerbaijan Barrel Painting festival.
50 рублей за целый мир
...суть нашего трипа всегда как раз в выборе места, о котором мы ничего не знаем, новые люди, новые впечатления - это отличный опыт...

Mongol Rally RACERS

We've decided to ask our hostel's guests a couple of questions.
Get to know Adam and Ross - racers from London.
BUNKER in da Zion
Our guest and friend from BUNKER Artground,
graffitist Emilio Mecnun made a new artwork on our kitchen's wall
Kaukasus tour of UNION Skateboards
First guests of Zion Hostel was famous
skateboard team "Юнион Скейтборды"
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