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Our mission started in 2016, when two persons with different mindset met. One was a long-time world wonderer and the other one, an Oil and Gas worker. Both had a feeling that something is missing in their life and something is wrong with the way they live.
There are a few things
we value most:

One was tremendously upset that his home country having great resources doesn't pay enough attention to the simple values such as respect to our planet and keeping the country ecologically clean and safe. He was desperately looking for escape destination, but no matter where he travelled, there is no such place like home.
The other one was a long-time Oil and Gas employer and seeing all these terrible unsafe and sea polluting operation was breaking his heart. He tried to focus on his artistic trait but one thought never left his head: Why are we so ungrateful to our home (Earth)?

New team immediately found the language to speak. They were full of enthusiasm to change the world. As they say if you want to change the world start from yourself and our mission is share this idea with our guests.

We want to provide people with the same mindset as we are the space to relax, talk, meet new people, exchange ideas and drink some hand-made tea. We wanted to know people all over the world no matter if they share our mindset or not. We believe that every person in our lives has a value and we want to create a places on the earth where this value can find an opportunity.

• Eco Green Conscious

We may have mentioned already a couple of times that we are very eco oriented, however we do not judge people on this criterion, we expect our guest to respect this value of ZION. Our hostel is very green and maybe you can help us just by watering the plants in your room or maybe you even can bring us a plant seeds from you home country – nice way to leave something after yourself in another country to be honest and we will call the plant in your honor (pinky swear).
• Open mindedness

We welcome open minded people all over the world, we do not tolerate racism, sexism or any other –isms. We don't judge and ask our guests to do the same. We are your friends in Zion and you can ask or tell us anything. We are trying to organize events in our rooftop space to engage our guest with local youth. Ask reception about weekly events.
• Sharing

Sharing is caring. We will make you a healthy breakfast or maybe just fresh fruits. We love sharing. Maybe you also can share something with us – a story, a song, an Instagram photo. We are always open for new ideas and improvements. If you notice something that may be changes please feel free to share it. Oh, and last one, if you'll find some stuff left by pervious guests please drop it to lost and found box near reception.
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