As 2017 was coming to an end, two graffiti writers from London stayed in Zion Hostel. In just a couple of days they managed to make a couple of writings on walls and participate in Arts Council Azerbaijan Barrel Painting festival.
50 рублей за целый мир
...суть нашего трипа всегда как раз в выборе места, о котором мы ничего не знаем, новые люди, новые впечатления - это отличный опыт...

Mongol Rally RACERS

We've decided to ask our hostel's guests a couple of questions.
Get to know Adam and Ross - racers from London.
BUNKER in da Zion
Our guest and friend from BUNKER Artground,
graffitist Emilio Mecnun made a new artwork on our kitchen's wall
Kaukasus tour of UNION Skateboards
First guests of Zion Hostel was famous
skateboard team "Юнион Скейтборды"
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